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“The Treehouse” Mixtape

The Treehouse Cover

Designed by Papa Con

This has been in the works for a while but it’s finally here! To explain the title, “The Treehouse” was the name of the place where my I hung out with my friend Alex “Papa Con” Conover during my time in Minneapolis because it was the highest room in the house. It was first recorded in Minnesota but had to be re-recorded in New Orleans. Free download. Stream it below. Enjoy.

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Monroe, LA: Fab Five Freestyle Cypher (2011)

For “The Fab Five: First Class” mixtape, this cypher was shot in Monroe, Louisiana to show unity among five rising artists. Shoutout to Vitus Shell for organizing this. In order: Lil Joe da Truth, Yung Reed, Young Salo, Top Billion, and Peezy da Great.

“Can’t Stay Out the Streets” Music Video

Been in the works for a while but it’s finally here! This is the first single from my upcoming mixtape with Papa Con called “The Treehouse.” Check out the tracklist and cover here. It’s dropping November 29th!


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