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Video: 2014 Miami Rap Cypher

Starring Top Billion, DatBoiTune, Price, Lo$, 2 Seater, 6FortyNine, Legacy, and Cherokee the Lyricist. Landon Geovonnie couldn’t make it. The beat was produced by Ice Beatz.


2014 Miami Cypher: Audio + Trailer

2014 Miami Cypher

Shot the 2014 Miami Cypher last weekend. Video is coming soon. In the meantime, check out the audio of the track below and the trailer put together by DatBoiTune.

Video: 2013 Fall Semester LOYNO Cypher

It’s finally arrived! The latest Loyola Cypher following this one and this one that were done last semester. I may have graduated but I still gotta bless the scene every year. This cypher features Rodo, Obi, Purplex, Conscious, D. Landry, and ShayBriggs in that order. Download the song here.

2013 Monroe, LA Rap Cypher Part II

New Monroe Rap Cypher! Some familiar and new faces in this one! Also check out the first Monroe Cypher we did this year.


“Touch the Sky” Freestyle Video

Quick little freestyle video I did over this verse I dropped over Kanye’s “Touch the Sky.” Updates about current and future projects at the end of the video. 

“22 Years Young” (Official Music Video)

I rapped this verse for my old Freestyle Friday series and released the song on my latest mixtape “Peace to the God.” Now, finally I was able to shoot a high quality video with the new DSLR I bought. So proud right now. Check it out.

2013 Loyola Cypher Part 2


New Loyola Cypher video! Ya’ll really loved the last one we put together so we put together this encore performance right before my graduation! Check it out.

2013 Loyola University New Orleans Rap Cypher

The third and final Loyola University Cypher. Since I’m graduating next month, this is my way of celebrating. Check out the first and second cyphers as well. The order of appearance in this video is Top Billion, Obi, Alex Camero, D. Landry, Rodo, ShayBriggs, Purplex, Brooklyn, Conscious, and Austin Rapbaum.

2013 Monroe, LA Rap Cypher (Video)

The official 2013 Monroe Cypher is here! Check out last year’s edition and the 1st ever Monroe Pass the Mic videos as well. You can download this song for free on my mixtape “Hungry+Humble” today! In order of appearance: Top Billion, Brance B, Playa P, Photokidd, J the MC, Young Thug, N.O.T.Y., King Twanie, The 6th Grade, J-Money, Will, & Chris-Style.

Monroe, LA: Pass the Mic (2012)

Today is my birthday! I turn 22! One year ago, I released a music video and a free E.P. This year is so no different. I present to you Monroe’s first ever “Pass the Mic” video.  It’s also the 1st single from my free mixtape “Payin’ Dues” produced entirely by Brad Massey. In order of appearance: Top Billion, Photokidd, Brance B., Playa P, King Twanie, N.O.T.Y., 6th Grade, Chris-Style, Sektor, Bunnie.


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