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Top Billion – “Thoughts of Suicide” Prod. KiidPlanet

I didn’t write any of this song down. I just recorded it straight off the top of the head. Check it out.

Top Billion – “Dead to Me” Prod. Yung Murk

Every week on my Youtube channel I want to drop a new free song for the fans! I love ya’ll. This song is really personal to me because the first verse is about a friend I had named Lil’ Man who tried to rob me one day. The second verse is about a girl that I was in love with who betrayed me. Shoutout to Yung Murk for the beat. 

Top Billion – “Bulletproof Billion” Prod. KiidPlanet

This song is my response to a rapper who’ll remain unknown. He wrote a diss song about me trying to get points off my name. I won’t aid you in your endeavors, sir, but I will school you in how to make a jammin’ song.

Top Billion – “Keep it 100″ Prod. Yung Murk

When I dropped my mixtape “Young-Black-Ambitious,” a few people said I was trying to switch to a more “gangsta” style. I got mad at that because 1. my content is always based on reality, not a “gangsta” image and 2. I’ve been rapping about these type of things just on beats not normally rapped on with that type of subject matter. Anyway, this song addresses it all. Shoutout to Yung Murk.

Top Billion – “The Thing About College…” Prod. Purplex

I said on my Twitter earlier today I was gonna release this song. Purplex made this beat by looping the beginning of a Led Zeppelin song. Click “Read more” below to see footage of me recording this song. 

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Top Billion – “Don’t Want That Hoe” Prod. 12Hunna & Yung Merk

I wrote and recorded this song real quickly tonight. It’s all real so it kinda just flowed right out of me. The beat is from Chief Keef‘s song “They Know.” It was originally produced by 12Hunna but the beat I’m rapping on is a remake by Yung Murk

Top Billion – “Jesus in the ‘Jects” (Prod. Blockos-K)



Check out this new song I recorded with French producer Blockos-K. Last month we released the controversial song “Serve & Protect” and now we’re back with a new track that’s sure to get ya’ll talkin’. This song is asking what would Jesus do and say if he returned and visited the ghettos and slums of today. It’s a sequel to my song “Dear Lord.” Also, check out our album “Over the Top.”

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Top Billion – “Streets Gon’ Feel Me” (Prod. Brad Massey) + 2013 Monroe Cypher MP3

Top Billion

I’m dropping my 1st mixtape of 2013 on January 26th. It’s titled “Hungry+Humble” and it’s entirely produced by my #1 beatmaker: Brad Massey. Originally, I was gonna call the mixtape “Streets Gon’ Feel Me” because it was the 1st song I wrote for the project and I knew it was a sick song the moment I finished it. But I changed the title of the mixtape because I think the words ‘hungry’ + ‘humble’ describe me the best. The song is supposed to describe every detail of living in the hood in the South; specifically the hoods of Monroe, LA.

Click ‘read more’ to read the lyrics for this song and download the MP3 of the 2013 Monroe Cypher before the video drops January 26th with the “Hungry+Humble” mixtape.

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Top Billion – “Serve & Protect” (Prod. Blockos-K)

Earlier this year, I released a collaborative album with French producer Blockos-K called “Over the Top.” The album was a critical success and received a lot of downloads. Blockos and I are working on our next project and this is one our new tracks. I’m telling true stories about my experiences dealing with police. 

Top Billion – “No Guarantees in the Game” (Prod. LV Beats)

Top Billion Recording 2

I was gonna release a mixtape on Christmas Day called “No Guarantees in the Game,” but things change. Shoutout to LV Beats for giving this fire track though.


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