Top Billion – “Don’t Want That Hoe” Prod. 12Hunna & Yung Merk

I wrote and recorded this song real quickly tonight. It’s all real so it kinda just flowed right out of me. The beat is from Chief Keef‘s song “They Know.” It was originally produced by 12Hunna but the beat I’m rapping on is a remake by Yung Murk

Build with the God: Episode 3 – Making Mistakes & Learning From Them

In this new episode of “Build with the God,” I build on how we can turn the mistakes we make into lessons we learn from. I draw from the Supreme Alphabet, the 1-40 Lessons, and, most importantly, Supreme Mathematics.

Top Billion – “March 16th” (Video)

Freestyle Friday #6 in full effect! Check it out! March 16th is the release date for my new mixtape “Young-Black-Ambitious.”  This beat is from LL Cool J’s song “I Shot Ya (Remix).” 

Top Billion – “Changes” (Video)

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else rap over this classic song. Rightfully so, I don’t think many rappers could, would, or should. This was previously released on my Tumblr as well but I just had to bring it back for the people who slept. “Young-Black-Ambitious” mixtape still on the way.

Build with the God: Episode 2 – Love, Hell or Right & Relationships

In this episode, I’m building about the Supreme Alphabet, the science of love, healthy relationships, and the unalike attract and alike repel.

Top Billion – “Lee Billion Oswald” (Video)

I’m gonna keep it funky with ya’ll: this verse is old. I even posted it up on my Tumblr and this site. But I’ve been working on my “Young-Black-Ambitious” mixtape and trying to keep up with all this school work so writing a new verse that I think would be good as King Billion just couldn’t happen. But it is a classic verse so I’m not ashamed at all to present this to ya’ll. Enjoy! And if you like the song, download it here.

Build with the God: Episode 1 – Knowledge of Self

This is a new video blog series I’m starting where I talk about Five Percent teachings and my general observations about life. Do the knowledge.


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