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“Fears” Official Music Video

One of my favorite songs from the “Noillib Pot” mixtape. Produced by Brahms.

“Southern Comfort” Music Video

From my mixtape “Noillib Pot” produced entirely by Brahms. Directed by Malcolm “M-80” Dowley & I. Shoutout to Junior & his cousin Vel Easy for inspiring this song.

“Noillib Pot” (E.P.)

I announced yesterday I was dropping this free mixtape and here it is! Produced entirely by my boy Brahms (who also made the beat for “Can’t Buy Swag“). Check it out. It’s free!

Collected Undergrounds: A Very Collected Christmas

A Very Collected Christmas

So my homie Milan AKA Conscious of ECME hit me up and asked me to make a Christmas song for this compilation album. I obliged and this is the outcome. This is my first Christmas song, produced by Brahms (“Can’t Buy Swag“). Stream/Download the rest of the album here.


Been Broke, Been Rich (Recording Session + Song)

 I’m bringing back my #TopTuesday series (a thing I started earlier this year where I released a music video every Tuesday such as this) except this time it won’t be just music videos. It will be a surprise every week. So to kick it off, I’m releasing this new song produced by Brahms (who also produced “Can’t Buy Swag“) and also some exclusive behind the scenes footage of the recording session. Download/Stream the track “Been Broke, Been Rich” below.

My new album “Le Classique de Bayou” drops January 31st!

“Future Nostalgia.” (Album)


 I’m almost a week late posting my own album. Isn’t that a shame? I just moved out here to Minneapolis so forgive me. I hope ya’ll like the album. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. I have songs about everything on here… from Martin Luther King to penises. Buy it at any price you choose or download/stream it for free. Peace


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