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Top Billion Performing “Drink + My Music” & “Mama Cry” in Miami

Last night, I couldn’t perform at Artistic Vibes because the list was already full. But luckily, right around the corner at Little Hoolie’s they were having a show so I hopped on over there. I did one of my new songs with Brad Massey (“Drink + My Music“) and finished my set with “Mama Cry.” In between, I tried to perform “Don’t Know Who to Trust” but I forgot the words! So I ended my set with “Mama Cry” and turnt up because I never like getting off stage without feeling like I shut it down.

CipherMusicGroup – “NMADDOG” Ft. Noty, Will, & Top Billion (Prod. Brad Massey)



The original CipherMusicGroup is Top Billion, Will, NoTy, Chris-Style, and Brad Massey. This is a song recorded in the summer of this year in Monroe, LA from Top, Will, and NoTy with Brad on the beat.



2013 Monroe, LA Rap Cypher Part II

New Monroe Rap Cypher! Some familiar and new faces in this one! Also check out the first Monroe Cypher we did this year.


Performing New Song “Dollar Signs” (8/6/13)

New song I wrote to a beat Blockos sent me. It’s a motivation”get money” type of record. Check it out.

“First Impressions” Prod. by Matthew McGovern



This song is about people judging others based on their appearance.

“25” Prod. by Takila Boy

Designed by Top Billion

Designed by Top Billion

Hardest song I’ve done in a minute. This is that real trap shit.  All I can say is give it a listen. Shoutout to Takila Boy. Dope young producer from Paris, France. 


“Touch the Sky” Freestyle Video

Quick little freestyle video I did over this verse I dropped over Kanye’s “Touch the Sky.” Updates about current and future projects at the end of the video. 

“Up All Night” (Prod. by Blockos-K)

Cover Art - Up All Night

Check out this new song from me & my French producer Blockos-K! We’re working on our new album together and other big things. Also, check out our album “Over the Top” that came out last month. 

2013 Loyola Cypher Part 2


New Loyola Cypher video! Ya’ll really loved the last one we put together so we put together this encore performance right before my graduation! Check it out.

Top’s Style Friday – May 17, 2013

I canceled my Freestyle Friday series because 106 & Park already has that brand established and I don’t want to mislead people into believing my written verses are actual freestyles. So I changed the name to “Top’s Style Friday” to display that I have my own style, approach, and to establish my own original brand. Shoutout to NoTy in the background. Check it out.


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