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Top Billion – “Changes” (Video)

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else rap over this classic song. Rightfully so, I don’t think many rappers could, would, or should. This was previously released on my Tumblr as well but I just had to bring it back for the people who slept. “Young-Black-Ambitious” mixtape still on the way.

Top Billion – “Lee Billion Oswald” (Video)

I’m gonna keep it funky with ya’ll: this verse is old. I even posted it up on my Tumblr and this site. But I’ve been working on my “Young-Black-Ambitious” mixtape and trying to keep up with all this school work so writing a new verse that I think would be good as King Billion just couldn’t happen. But it is a classic verse so I’m not ashamed at all to present this to ya’ll. Enjoy! And if you like the song, download it here.

Top Billion – “King Billion” (Video)

Check out my third Freestyle Friday video! I wanted to showcase I have different flows, so I picked a really fast beat by Brad Massey from his new beat tape “Bean.” I’m not rapping fast, you just might be listening slow. Download the MP3 version of this song here.

Top Billion – “Simon Mandingo Freestyle” (Video)

For the record, the piece is from Nigeria. This is my second Freestyle Friday video. The beat is from Jay Beatz (no relation to this Jay Beatz). Download the MP3 version here. Also, I encourage all Black Americans to visit

Top Billion – “Traffic Freestyle” (Video)

I’m gonna start dropping freestyle videos like this every Friday because they’re fun and it keeps me sharp lyrically. This beat was made by two guys (who I’m guessing are from the U.K.) named Jay Beatz and Money. I stumbled upon it after I heard the remix to Lil’ Reese’s “Traffic.” Download the MP3 version here.

Top Billion – “Jesus in the ‘Jects” (Prod. Blockos-K)



Check out this new song I recorded with French producer Blockos-K. Last month we released the controversial song “Serve & Protect” and now we’re back with a new track that’s sure to get ya’ll talkin’. This song is asking what would Jesus do and say if he returned and visited the ghettos and slums of today. It’s a sequel to my song “Dear Lord.” Also, check out our album “Over the Top.”

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2013 Monroe, LA Rap Cypher (Video)

The official 2013 Monroe Cypher is here! Check out last year’s edition and the 1st ever Monroe Pass the Mic videos as well. You can download this song for free on my mixtape “Hungry+Humble” today! In order of appearance: Top Billion, Brance B, Playa P, Photokidd, J the MC, Young Thug, N.O.T.Y., King Twanie, The 6th Grade, J-Money, Will, & Chris-Style.

“Hungry+Humble” (Mixtape)

Photo taken by Yorel Warr.

Photo taken by Yorel Warr.

Check out my free new mixtape “Hungry+Humble.” It’s entirely produced by my #1 producer Brad Masseyand I’m expanding my subject matter and my storytelling abilities on this thing. It also features the 2013 Monroe Cypher track. It’s dope. Press play. Don’t believe me? Read this review.

Top Billion – “Streets Gon’ Feel Me” (Prod. Brad Massey) + 2013 Monroe Cypher MP3

Top Billion

I’m dropping my 1st mixtape of 2013 on January 26th. It’s titled “Hungry+Humble” and it’s entirely produced by my #1 beatmaker: Brad Massey. Originally, I was gonna call the mixtape “Streets Gon’ Feel Me” because it was the 1st song I wrote for the project and I knew it was a sick song the moment I finished it. But I changed the title of the mixtape because I think the words ‘hungry’ + ‘humble’ describe me the best. The song is supposed to describe every detail of living in the hood in the South; specifically the hoods of Monroe, LA.

Click ‘read more’ to read the lyrics for this song and download the MP3 of the 2013 Monroe Cypher before the video drops January 26th with the “Hungry+Humble” mixtape.

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Top Billion – “Serve & Protect” (Prod. Blockos-K)

Earlier this year, I released a collaborative album with French producer Blockos-K called “Over the Top.” The album was a critical success and received a lot of downloads. Blockos and I are working on our next project and this is one our new tracks. I’m telling true stories about my experiences dealing with police. 


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