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Top Billion – “No Guarantees in the Game” (Prod. LV Beats)

Top Billion Recording 2

I was gonna release a mixtape on Christmas Day called “No Guarantees in the Game,” but things change. Shoutout to LV Beats for giving this fire track though.

Top Billion – “Walk wit’ a Killer” (Prod. Yogi Beatz)

Top Billion Recording

Check out this new song I did. It’s called “Walk wit’ a Killer” and the same person who made this beat produced Webbie’s track “Gimme Dat.” 

“Over the Top” (Album)

Designed by Blockos-K for 32 Stud Productions.

The album I’ve been working on and talking about for over a year is finally here! Blockos-K is a producer from France I got acquainted with through the internet around the time “Future Nostalgia.” dropped.We emailed beats and tracks back and forth since mid 2011.  I’d record the songs, he’d mix and master them. Blockos made it his mission to give me “a more professional, heavy sound.” He succeeded. I love this album because it seemed like an impossible task. It took alot of hard work and devotion. It bridges the gaps of language, culture, nationality, and race. This is the final result. Hip-Hop is beautiful thing.

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Single: “Only You” Ft. Chelsea Spears

Check out the 1st single from my upcoming album “Over the Top.” It’s a collaborative effort with French producer Blockos-K. It’s been in production so long, I alluded to it in this video. But now, it’s finally going to be released on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp October 12, 2012. Also, check out the talented Chelsea Spears

“Payin’ Dues” (Free Mixtape)

Designed by Top Billion

My second birthday gift to you all is this new free mixtape produced entirely by my friend and dopest producer I know: Brad Massey. Nine new songs; all fire. Stream/Download it below.

Monroe, LA: Pass the Mic (2012)

Today is my birthday! I turn 22! One year ago, I released a music video and a free E.P. This year is so no different. I present to you Monroe’s first ever “Pass the Mic” video.  It’s also the 1st single from my free mixtape “Payin’ Dues” produced entirely by Brad Massey. In order of appearance: Top Billion, Photokidd, Brance B., Playa P, King Twanie, N.O.T.Y., 6th Grade, Chris-Style, Sektor, Bunnie.

“Noillib Pot III” Official Music Video

This video took forever to shoot and even longer to edit. But I feel like it’s my best self-directed yet. From the album “Noillib Pot III.” Produced by Brad Massey. Clothes provided by EP Empire

“Still a Soldier” Official Music Video

Went out to Houston, TX a few weeks ago to shoot some music videos with my lil’ homie Brance B. From the album “Noillib Pot III.” Produced by Brad Massey. Co-Directed by True Wise: the original co-founder of CipherMusicGroup. Shoutout to Young Militia Empire for posing in the video!

“CMG Lifestyle” Official Music Video

The illest song in the world finally gets a visual! Shoutout to my nigga N.O.T.Y. and the director A.B. Shot in 100 degree weather in New Orleans. Debuted on The beat was made by Brad Massey. Download the album “Noillib Pot III” today!

Tim Nihan – “Playa Shit” Ft. Mikey T &Top Billion

From Tim Nihan’s upcoming “Beautiful Pain” mixtape. Shoutout to Mikey T & Lindsey Gamble of


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