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“The Whole World’s Mine” Official Music Video

The first single from “Noillib Pot III” finally gets a visual. Directed by Arnold “A.B.” Burks. Produced by Brad Massey. Debuted exclusively today on Shoutout to N.O.T.Y. & Felonious Funk.

“Young Niggas” Official Music Video

Probably my favorite song from my E.P. “Noillib Pot II.” Produced by Carnage. Shoutout to my youngins: Photokidd, Donteris Burris, and Brance B.

“Noillib Pot III” (Album)

The third and final installment in the Noillib Pot series. It’s a full length, 14 song album; twice as long as the previous E.P.s. All the beats were made by my favorite producer to work with: Brad Massey. Unlike the prior free releases, this one is only $5! So show love and download it. Stream the full album below.  

Monroe Louisiana Rap Cypher (2012)

The second cypher I’ve participated in for my city. Check out the first one. In order of appearance: J the MC, N.O.T.Y., Top Billion, Chris-Style, King Twanie, Reci, G-$lim, Playa P, and Tae Trent.

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“Trouble” (Prod. by Brad Massey)

Second single from “Noillib Pot 3.” Check out this video of me recording the second verse. Album drops June 20th.

“The Whole World’s Mine” (Prod. by Brad Massey)

Cover Art by Zachary “Toon” Powell.

The first single from my upcoming album “Noillib Pot 3.” This is going to be my best album to date and it’s entirely produced by Brad Massey. Album drops June 20th.

“Noillib Pot II” (E.P.)

I announced two days ago this was coming, now here it is! This is the sequel to the first “Noillib Pot” E.P. It’s a gift to all the supporters and wearers of the Noillib Pot sweaters. All beats made by Carlo “Carnage” Callowood from Miami.

THP – “Immaculate” Ft. Top Billion (Prod. Olympiks)

Check out THP‘s new single featuring me. THP is a duo: Brendon & J$. The Olympiks are two of my favorite producers so it’s an honor to be on this song. The music video I refer to in my verse is “This is What I Am.” 

N.O.T.Y. – Dead Presidents Ft. Top Billion (In Studio Video)

N.O.T.Y. is the newest member of CipherMusicGroup and recently dropped his first mixtape: “First Class Hype.” Download it today, follow him on twitter, and watch the video above of us rapping over Jay-Z’s classic song “Dead Presidents.” 

“Southern Comfort” Music Video

From my mixtape “Noillib Pot” produced entirely by Brahms. Directed by Malcolm “M-80” Dowley & I. Shoutout to Junior & his cousin Vel Easy for inspiring this song.


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