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“So I’m Not Black” Official Music Video


An older song/video that’s from “Based on a True Story.” I figured I should post it here because it’s one of my more popular/important songs and “White Man’s World” is still getting views from here… so why not? Produced by Storm Watkins.

Buy the album “Based on a True Story” today!

“Future Nostalgia.” Official Music Video

True Story: we shot this music video an hour before I was supposed to be at my little brother’s graduation and a day before I was supposed to take the Greyhound to Minneapolis. I’m glad CP and I were able to pull it off on such short notice. New BMW… I drove my first one in this video. Anyway, buy the album here.

“Future Nostalgia.” (Album)


 I’m almost a week late posting my own album. Isn’t that a shame? I just moved out here to Minneapolis so forgive me. I hope ya’ll like the album. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. I have songs about everything on here… from Martin Luther King to penises. Buy it at any price you choose or download/stream it for free. Peace

“Love Me, Hate Me” Official Music Video

Visual for the Chris-Style produced cut from my album “Let’s Make a Movie.” New album “Future Nostalgia.” coming May 21st.

“Angel” (Prod. by Michael Franco)

Top Billion Angel

"Angel" Cover Art

New Album “Future Nostalgia.” Coming May 21st on Bandcamp and The DOTR.

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“This Can’t Be Life” Official Music Video

My latest music video from my album “Based on a True Story.” 

“NEW ORLEANS, LA” Official Music Video

Latest music video directed and edited by me. From the upcoming album “Future Nostalgia.” coming May 21st.

“White Man’s World” Official Music Video

Top Billion – “White Man’s World” Official Music Video from Top Billion on Vimeo.

My favorite song I’ve ever done. From the album “Based on a True Story.

“More Than You Can See” (Prod. by Sage)

TopBillion More

"More Than You Can See" Single Art - Top Billion

So on May 21st, my follow-up to my classic album “Based on a True Story” will be released. It’s called “Future Nostalgia.” and is sponsored by the great people at (B Lane, what up!). This is the first official single from the album. It’s a concept/story song. Just listen. I know you’ll enjoy.

“This Lifestyle” Official Music Video

From the album “Let’s Make a Movie.” 


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