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“So Gone” Official Music Video

My first music video that I shot in Minneapolis. Directed and edited by Kale Eichof AKA Zoo Donalds. Recorded over a year ago and produced by Esteban Music, this is from my album “Based on a True Story.

Top Billion – “Can’t See Ya’ll” Freestyle

Top Billion Super Soaker

I was on that Ace Hood way before Hustle Hard. I was going to do a whole mixtape going in over beats like this but I scrapped that and instead chose to focus on original songs. This was around the No Ceilings era.

Top Billion – “Dream Girl” (Prod. Storm Watkins)

Top Billion

Top Billion

Older song recorded during the “Based on a True Story” process. Produced by Storm Watkins whom I have done alot of work with. Download it. 

Top Billion – “Ridin’ 4s Freestyle”

Top Billion

Top Billion

 This song originally came out on the album “Slowed & Chopped” from me and DJ Ballvo. However, I’m finally liberating the OG version. Texas, stand up.

Top Billion – “To Know Your Name” (Prod. Chris-Style)

Top Billion

Top Billion

 Shoutout to my role model Chris-Style! A love song/club banger with a familiar sample. Word is that Chris sampled this before they did.

Top Billion – “I Didn’t Love You” (Prod. C-Wizz)

Top Billion

Top Marley

A song I recorded late in the night/early in the morning after coming home from performing at Club Maxwell’s. Shoutout to Mista’Cal. I was tired yet I wanted to rap. Recorded during the “Based on a True Story” process. 

Top Billion – “Insecure” (Prod. Carnage)


Mrs. Billion

Song I wrote for my girl above. She’s standing in the same exact spot where I wrote the song so I love this picture even more. Guest vocals from Ashley Christina.


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